Balsam Fir (Pinus balsamea/Abies balsamea)


This resin is extracted from plants of North America and Canada. Its aroma is sweet with balsamic and fresh notes. 


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TypeBasic Incense - Resin
PlantPinus balsamea/Abies balsamea
ProvenanceNorth America and Canada
AromaSweet, with balsamic and fresh notes
History and TraditionHistorically, Native Americans used this resin as a balm for wounds and abrasions, and also burned it for its excellent aroma.
InformationPlant native to North America and Canada, the generic name Abies, already used by the Latins, according to an etymological interpretation, may derive from the Greek word βιος = longevity. The specific name balsamea derives from the greek βΛσαμον = balm and refers to the resinous substances, used for the production of Canada Balsam.
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