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The Via dell'Incenso has a price list reserved for all those who want to resell the products in our catalog. To be able to access it you need a VAT number and an email request to be sent to info@laviadellincenso.it for authorization. It is necessary to register on the site with all the required data.
Once the profile has been enabled (usually within 24 hours following the request) the prices and quantities of each product will be those reserved for resellers. For retailers there is a discount that will vary depending on the item.
If at the time of the order there is no quantity requested, we will contact you indicating, where possible, the supply times. If requested by the customer, the product can be replaced, where possible, by another for the same amount
The minimum value for an order with this authorization is € 150.00 excluding taxes and shipping costs. Orders with a lower amount cannot be accepted or processed.
The Via dell'Incenso tries to meet those who would like to make continuous use of our products by applying special discounts and special terms.
In order to access discounts for professionals, it is necessary to send an email with the request to info@laviadellincenso.it indicating, even approximately, the quantities used to allow us to make an estimate of the discounts that we could apply.
The minimum order will be defined according to your needs, however not under € 50.00.
Shipping times can vary from a minimum of 24 hours to a maximum of 5 working days, if all products are available.
The cost of shipping will be calculated automatically based on weight and destination. If there are any differences, we will contact you.

NOTE: Any promotions and discounts on the site DO NOT APPLY to orders with reserved prices.