This sweet scented incense is made with natural ingredients that come from the Himalayas and precisely from Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan.



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Type      Composed Incense - Mixture
IngredientsRhododendron, Black Junipers, Saffron, Sandalwood, Red Sandalwood, Camphor, Sokpa (black Juniper wood), Bhojpatra (flower)
ProvenanceHimalaya (Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan)
History and TraditionIn ancient traditions it was used with the intention to eliminate negative energies and evil spirits, to invoke the divine Gods, to give peace and prosperity.
InformationThe word Astasuganda, you can also find as Astagandha, consists Asta = Eight and Suganda or Gandha that we can translate as Times (8 Times). In fact, the incense is composed of 8 different ingredients that are pulverized and mixed together. The ingredients are from Himalaya, specifically from Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan. This incense is commonly used for the daily Puja, it doesn't contain additives and flavorings.
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