Storax Balsam (Liquidambar orientalis)

The Storace Balsam originates from Middle East, it has an intense balsamic, floral and sweet aroma with notes of cinnamon. 
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TypeBasic Incense - Resin
PlantLiquidambar orientalis
ProvenanceMiddle Est
AromaSweet, balsamic, floral, with notes of cinnamon
History and TraditionIt also known as Amber East, Storax Balsam was exported by the Phoenicians from Mesopotamia to Egypt, where it was used to create special perfumes and incense. In ancient times it was also used to promote a deep sleep, it was believed that its aroma had soothing and relaxing properties and that it also helped to restore psychic energy and strengthen self-affirmation.
InformationIt gives to the mixture a sensual and seductive aroma.